Clear Braces / Orthodontics

We offer two different types of orthodontics to make your smile into the beautiful straight smile that you want. Currently, we only offer orthodontics for adults (18 years old and older)

  • 6 Month Clear Braces or 6 Month Metal Braces

Ever since I was a kid I had had crooked teeth.” Debra Friedhaber

And it was something I was always embarrassed about.” Carrie Starr

Because it was right there in the front and I’m a teacher.” Mindy Johnston

That’s probably why I didn’t smile in the past because you’re always you know, hiding behind your smile or not laughing when everybody else is.” Melissa Piecuch

And that’s what I grew up with, was thinking about what do I look like right now, how do other people see what my smile looks like.” Kate Poda

And it made me feel bad.” Debra Friedhaber

Millions of adults and teenagers live with unsightly or embarrassing smiles because they don’t know there is an option that is right for them. Porcelain veneers are expensive and traditional orthodontics take years. These are not reasonable options for most and many people feel stuck, living their lives with an embarrassing smile.

But you can get the smile you’ve always wanted. Let me introduce you to the most effective solution for crooked teeth, Six Month Smiles. It’s a safe and comfortable solution that transfers your smile from unsightly to sexy. You’ll feel confident about showing off your smile and you’ll be able to do that in just six months.

It has changed my life. It really has.” Carrie Starr

I feel like I can lift my chin up a little higher.” Brennan Dooling

And I feel more confident when I’m talking to my students.” Mindy Johnston

And it’s amazing what nice, straight teeth can do for you.” Melissa Piecuch

I’m happy to smile now.” Debra Friedhaber

Most people can chew comfortably which usually means they don’t need a major bite change. They simply want to improve the appearance of their smile and that’s what Six Month Smiles is all about.

We focus on the teeth that show when you smile. In fact, the two biggest obstacles for people considering orthodontics are the length of treatment and appearance of the braces. Six Month Smiles addresses both of these concerns while still achieving the desired results.

We use clear braces and tooth colored wires while gently straightening your teeth in a reasonable amount of time.

It was a fraction of the time and half the cost so it was really a no brainer for me.” Melissa Piecuch

I did not want traditional braces cause I did not want to spend two to three years of my life with braces.’ – Debra Friedhaber

When I was wearing the braces people had no idea.’ – Brennan Dooling

I also sing in a choir at church and they put you up on the big screen and that always terrifies me but you can’t tell. You can’t tell from long distance. Some people can’t even tell up close.” Mindy Johnston

How does it work?

The process is simple. First, you need to talk to your dentist and make sure that you are a candidate for Six Month Smiles. Once it’s determined that Six Month Smiles will work for you, molds of your teeth are taken and sent to the Six Month Smiles laboratory. Here our specially trained lab technicians fabricate custom bonding trays just for you.

In only two weeks, your dentist will receive your complete orthodontic kit and can quickly and comfortably apply your braces. After your braces are on, you’ll visit your dentist once a month for adjustments.

Treatment times range approximately four to nine months, but most patients complete their treatment in only six months. Just think, between now and your next cleaning appointment you can achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. You’ll leave feeling confident and ready to enjoy life with your new smile. Your Six Month Smile.

When people think about having their teeth straightened, they want to know which is going to be the least expensive option and which is going to be the fastest option. Compared to Invisalign we find, in our practice, that patients want Six Month Smiles because it’s less expensive and the tooth movement is much more predictable. Things happen between two and three times faster.” Ryan Swain, DMD

I thought that’s not possible. There’s no way you could get your teeth fixed in just six months. ” Carrie Starr

Actually it only took five and a half months. ” Debra Friedhaber

Looking back on it. Being done now. It was so quick. It was quicker than I thought it would be.” Mindy Johnston

Everything about it, it’s geared for adults and you feel like an adult. You’re treated like an adult. You’re treated with respect and I really enjoyed the whole process.” Carrie Starr

Don’t wait. Tell your certified Six Month Smiles dentist that you want to get started. Your new beautiful smile is just six months away.

  • ClearCorrect Invisible Aligners

ClearCorrect is the latest in invisible clear aligners. NO more brackets, NO more wires, and NO more braces. ClearCorrect clear aligners are a series of invisible trays that are worn throughout the day. You can smile, talk, laugh, and even sleep with them on.